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We specialize in Travel Luggage, Books, Maps, & Accessories

Location: 3065 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am – 6pm | Sunday & Holidays: 12pm – 5pm

Recent News & Reviews

  • Adventu Universal Travel Adapter with USB

    Do you love travel? Are you starting to gather an impressive (and baffling) collection of adapters? Skip the confusion with the Adventu Universal Adapter! This adapter includes the Great Britain,…

  • Coghlan’s Dynamo Flashlight 1203

    Coghlan’s Dynamo Flashlight 1203

    What’s the perfect item to help you find your keys in the dark or guide your way down an ill-lit corridor? It’s the dynamo flashlight of course! I know a…

  • Eagle Creek Compression Sac Set S/M/L EC-40388000

    Eagle Creek Compression Sac Set S/M/L EC-40388000

    Do you like to keep your suitcase tidy, compact and organized? If you’re anything like me, then the answer is YES. It doesn’t matter if I’m only going away for…

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